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To upgrade Kusk Gateway in your cluster, you will need to install the new version of Kusk CLI first and then upgrade Kusk Gateway with it.

Check the Helm upgrade guide in case you are using Helm.

1. Update Kusk CLI


brew upgrade kubeshop/kusk/kusk

or if you don't use brew you can upgrade directly with:

curl -sSLf | bash


Install script

curl -sSLf | bash

APT (Debian/Ubuntu)

  1. Update your local repository index:
sudo apt-get update
  1. Upgrade Kusk:
sudo apt-get upgrade -y kusk



Please run the command from an elevated command shell.

choco upgrade kusk -y

For other ways of installation, you can download the latest release binary or use the following command (go binary needed):

go install -x

2. Update Kusk Gateway in your cluster

kusk cluster upgrade

This command will update Kusk Gateway and its components so you can use the latest features and have all the security measures up to date.