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kusk dashboard

Kusk provides a Kusk Dashboard command to expose and navigate easily to the Kusk Gateway Dashboard in the browser. kusk dashboard will start a port-forward session on port 8080, by default, to the envoyfleet serving the dashboard and will open the dashboard in the browser. By default this is kusk-gateway-private-envoy-fleet.kusk-system.

If you installed all the components using kusk install without changing any of the default values, running kusk dashboard will be sufficient to open the dashboard.

The flags --envoyfleet.namespace and can be used to change the envoyfleet.


--kubeconfigabsolute path to kube config
--envoyfleet.namekusk gateway dashboard envoy fleet service name. (default: kusk-gateway-private-envoy-fleet)
--envoyfleet.namespacekusk gateway dashboard envoy fleet service namespace. (default: kusk-system)
--external-portexternal port to access dashboard at. (default: 8080)


$ kusk dashboard

Opens the Kusk Dashboard in the browser by exposing the default private envoy fleet on port 8080

$ kusk dashboard --envoyfleet.namespace=other-namespace

Specify other envoyfleet and namespace that is serving the dashboard

$ kusk dashboard --external-port=9090

Expose dashboard on port 9090

$ kusk dashboard --kubeconfig=/path/to/kube/config

Specify path to kube config. $HOME/.kube/config is used by default.