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kusk cluster install

The install command will install Kusk Gateway and all its components with a single command. Kusk uses Helm to do this, so you will need to have Helm installed.

Kusk Gateway Components

  • Kusk Gateway Manager - Responsible for updating and rolling out the Envoy configuration to your Envoy Fleets as you deploy APIs and Static Routes.
  • Envoy Fleet - Responsible for exposing and routing to your APIs and frontends.
  • Kusk Gateway API - REST API, which is exposed by Kusk Gateway and allows you to programmatically query which APIs, Static Routes and Envoy Fleets are deployed.
  • Kusk Gateway Dashboard - A web UI for Kusk Gateway where you can deploy APIs and see which APIs, StaticRoutes and Envoy Fleets are deployed.


The default kusk cluster install command will install Kusk Gateway, a public (for your APIs) and private (for the Kusk dashboard and API) envoy-fleet, api, and dashboard in the kusk-system namespace using Helm and using the current kubeconfig context.

$ kusk cluster install
✔ Looking for Helm...
✔ Adding Kubeshop repository...
✔ Fetching the latest charts...
✔ Installing Kusk Gateway
✔ Installing Envoy Fleet...
✔ Installing Private Envoy Fleet...
✔ Installing Kusk API server...
✔ Installing Kusk Dashboard...
• kusk dashboard is now available. To access it run: $ kusk dashboard

The following command will create a Helm release named with --name in the namespace specified by --namespace.

$ kusk cluster install --name=my-release --namespace=my-namespace

The following command will install Kusk Gateway, but not the dashboard, api, or envoy-fleet.

$ kusk cluster install --no-dashboard --no-api --no-envoy-fleet


--nameThe prefix of the name to give to the helm releases for each of the Kusk Gateway components (default: kusk-gateway).
--namespace/-nThe namespace to install Kusk Gateway into. Will create the namespace if it doesn't exist (default: kusk-system).
--no-dashboardWhen set, will not install the Kusk Dashboard.
--no-apiWhen set, will not install the Kusk Gateway api. implies --no-dashboard.
--no-envoy-fleetWhen set, will not install any envoy fleets.

Environment Variables

To disable analytics set following environment variable:


or run

ANALYTICS_ENABLED=false kusk cluster install