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Install Kusk CLI

Kusk is a CLI tool designed to help you manage common tasks related to Kusk Gateway.

The CLI supports the following commands:

  • install - Installs Kusk Gateway and all its components with a single command - Read more.
  • deploy - Deploys your API and configures Kusk Gateway using OpenAPI - Read more.
  • ip - Provides the IP address of the default Kusk LoadBalancer
  • generate - Generates Kusk Gateway API resources from OpenAPI - Read more.
  • dashboard - Opens a port-forward to access Kusk Dashboard - Read more.



brew install kubeshop/kusk/kusk

Using Golang Installation

go install

To install a particular version replace latest with the version number.

You can get a list of the available Kusk Gateway versions from our releases page.

Install Script

Install kusk into /usr/local/bin/kusk:

curl -sSLf | bash

From Source

git clone && \
cd kusk && \
go install

Alternative Installation Method - Manual

If you prefer installing the CLI manually:

  1. Download the latest binary from Github.
  2. Upack it (tar -zxvf kusk_1.2.3_Linux_x86_64.tar.gz).
  3. Move it to a location in the PATH. For example mv kusk_0.1.0_Linux_arm64/kusk /usr/local/bin/kusk.

For Windows, unpack the binary and add it to %PATH%.



brew upgrade kubeshop/kusk/kusk

Latest Release on GitHub

curl -sSLf | bash

Using go

go install -x

From Source

Inside of the Kusk repository directory:

git clone
cd cmd/kusk
go install